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Panama Hats

All the hats below are made from 100% panama straw, handwoven in Ecuador. Various grades and colours, all superb quality. Classic wide brim shapes to snap brim trilby's. Protect your head in style & quality.
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Olney Trilby Panama Hat Olney Fedora Panama Hat Olney Folder Panama Hat Stetson Jenkins Montecristi Panama Hat - Superior Grade Panama Hat
Olney Trilby Panama Hat
Our Price:£64.99

More Information on Panama Hats

Every genuine panama hat will be made from the plaited leaves of the Carludovica Palmata Plant known locally as Toquilla Palm or Jipijapa Palm, in Ecuador. Today the two terms associated with panama hats most frequently are Cuenca and Montecristi. Both are villages in Ecuador where hats are produced. Montecristi panama's are usually the higher quality of the two, the superfino hats can take many months to be woven. Tremendous amounts of work go into making these wonderful hats. Cuenca is a village where now they produce much higher quantities as usually the grades are lower than those of the Montecristi and the process of drying the straw etc is a quicker process, this makes the process of making many hats in the space of one Montecristi being produced.

Every hat is handwoven by a skilled weaver, a basic Cuenca can take 1-2 days to weave depending on the weave per square inch count and a top of the range Superfino can take 5-6 months. Two types of weave are predominately used, they are the Brisa and Llano weaves. The Brisa weave creates a lightweight, flexible hat usually with a visible diamond pattern. Quite often used to make affordable, roll-able panama hats. Its not always the case but Brisa woven hats on average tend to be more affordable due to less straw being used. A llano weave created a much stiffer hat, distinguished by its herringbone pattern its a much tighter weave with minimal gaps. Both will make fantastic hats, we have mostly llano weaves but you will see the Olney Folding Panama is a Brisa weave, the flexibility enables the hat to be rolled and less likely to crack.

We hope you will find what you are looking for, we hope we have a little of everything from a Cuenca, to a folding brisa and a wonderful Stetson Montecristi. If you have any questions please do give us a call we will be happy to help.