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Here you will find information on anything we can possibly think of to do with hats, we will certainly continue to add new hat articles, help and advice sections. We have pages and pages on various subjects from the materials used in hat manufacture to where they are sourced and how they are pieced together. Along with general advice on cleaning and caring for your hat. A must read is the various panama sections to understand the value of this wonderful hat.

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Today we are being reminded on a regular basis about the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun's harmful UV rays, as we know this can be done by applying SPF sunscreens to the skin or by wearing UPF protective clothing including hats. The head, neck and face are often the area's most prone to sunlight and the scalp in particular is very difficult to protect.
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Although commonly, yet mistakenly labelled as 'a straw hat' the panama hat is certainly an extraordinary hat, every genuine panama hat has been handwoven by skilled weavers from the plaited leaves of the toquilla palm plant indigenous to the coastal regions of Ecuador. Panama hats are given grades by measuring how many weaves per inch are visible.
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We start with a saying we hear far to often, I wish I could wear a hat but they just don't suit me! Well in this section you can find out why there really is a hat or cap for everyone. We go through ladies and gents face shapes and talk about the best styles to consider when looking for your perfect hat.
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