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Hat Glossary U-Z

Hat Glossary

The final instalment of our hat glossary, letters U-Z. Some very important terms of the hat world are covered in this section below.

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Ushanka: Made from fur this Russian hat is a trapper which is often worn in the style of the Cossack but with the practicalities of the drop down ear flaps.
Visor: Often referred to as a peak, this part of the hat pertrudes from the base of the crown and offers shade from the sun. Ladies visors are crownless and just shade the face, often made from straw.
Vitafelt: A type of felt used by Stetson to make their felt hats, rollable, lightweight, water repellent and soft.
Veil: A covering of part of the face or in instance of the bride the full face, materials used include fine fabric, lace or net.
Wool Felt: The most widely used felt type to date. Can be rolled, often treated to be water repellant, soft and affordable.
Wheat Straw: A coarse, usually stiff straw often left in its naturally golden colour.
Western Hat: See cowboy hats
Zuchetto: A small scull cap worn usually on the back of the head by the Roman Catholic clergy.