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Hat Glossary Q-T

Hat Glossary

Q-T Of our hat glossary. We are trying to share as much of our knowledge of hats as possible to help you make your perfect choice.

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Quill: Often used to trim ladies fascinators and hats.
Raffia Straw: A natural straw from Madagascar used widely in summer hats, heavy duty straw which has a fabulous rough and ready finish. Packable/rollable straw.
Straw: An overall expression for many different variety's of straw used in summer hat manufacturing. More information of straw varietys...
Sisal Straw: Comes from the fiber of the Abacca (Musa textilis) widely used in summer straw hats, coarse finish, lightweight & easy tpo colour.
Sinamay Straw: The main straw used in formal wedding hats, sinamay straw is made from Abaca fibre, it is stiffened and usually layered before being blocked into hat shapes. Sinamay is sometimes covered in materials. Very lightweight.
Scull Cap: A close fitting winter hat, often referred to as a beanie hat.
Snap Brim: Term used to describe a narrow brim on a trilby which turns up at the back and down at the front.
Shako: A flat topped cylindrical military hat with a peak and often decorated with tassels.
Sombrero: Traditionally Mexican sun hat with a high almost cone shaped crown and a wide upturned brim
Stovepipe Hat: Another name for the top hat
Sherlock Hat: See Deerstalker
Snapback: Fashionable mens baseball cap with a snap adjustable back.
Trilby: The trilby traditionally has a narrow snap brim which is turned up at the back and turned down at the front with a center creased crown. Made from felts, cotton, leather, linen and straws.
Top Hat: Tall cylindrical hat mostly worn by mens for formal occasions such as weddings and royal ascot. Previously made from silk hatters plush and beaver fur now widely manufactured in wool felt, fur felt or melusine fur felt.
Tricorne: The most popular hat for gents in the 18th century, the tricorne had wide brims which were folded up to form three points.
Turban: A turban is constructed by winding a long scarf around the head with many different materials being used. Worn by Muslim and Sikh men traditionally.
Topper: See top hat.