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Hat Glossary M-P

Hat Glossary

Hat terms ranging from M to P in our hat glossary. We have tried to include and explain terms that you may not be familiar with, we hope this may help you choose your perfect hat or cap.

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Millinery: The term used describe someone who makes hats and those who sell hats.
Morterboard: Worn for acedemic occasions, graduations etc. Square flat board with tastle on top.
Milliner: Term used to describe someone who makes hats.
Melusine Fur: Often used for top hats and some fedora's, a quality fur felt often long haired which is polished and repeatedly brushed until a silk like look is achieved
Military Cap: See army cap.
Newsboy Cap: Eight panel cap with a button on top. Made from many fabrics including wool, cotton, leather, wax and linen.
Organza: A thin, sheer material used for both hat bodies and hat trimming. Organza is woven with synthetic filament fibers such as polyester or nylon
OSFA: Abbreviation for One Size Fits All. Usually based on measurements of 56cms to 61cms.
Peak: The part of the cap which shelters the face, various widths.
Panama Hat: Handwoven straw hats, made in Ecuador and a few other other South American counties from the jipijapa plant.
Pill Box: A small ladies formal piece of headwear, cylindrical and often now trimmed and worn for formal occasions.
Pith Helmet: Helmet shaped hat made from pith of the Indian spongewood tree, often covered in cotton.
Pork Pie Hat: The pork pie hat has a flat topped rounded crown and a narrow snap brim. Made in many materials from cotton to wool. A very fashionable hat style today.
Paper Straw: This straw is woven from Japanese Toyo paper. A very popular imitation straw, lightweight, easy to pack and affordable.
Parasisal Straw: A high grade sisal straw used mainly for the best quality of hats particularly in womens formal headwear.