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Hat Glossary E-H

Hat Glossary

The E-H section of our hat glossary, fedora's, flat caps, various felts and lots more information and explanations.

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English Driving Cap: See flat cap
Eyelets: Made from brass these little rings are usally found on the sides of hats and increase breathablity for the wearer.
Fedora Hats: Traditionally made from soft felt this classic hat has a wide brim which tends to slope downwards
Felt: A soft material usually made from either wool or fur, felted by rolling or pressing
Fur Felt: Hat made from 100% real fur fibres
Faux Fur: Imitation fur used to replicate real fur.
Fascinator: Ladies headpeice usually worn to right hand side of the head, often made from either sinamay straw, silk and crinoline. Mounted on to a headband or comb.
Flat Cap: Traditional cap worn widely in the country. Close fitting cap usually with a narrow peak which is stitched down.
Fez: Felt preshaped hat usually red or black with a tassle mounted on top. Was part of turkish dress code in the early 19th century.
Guacho Hat: Worn by South American Guacho's, this hat has a wide tilted brim and is secured by a chin strap.
Grosgrain Hat Band: Widely used in the trimming of masculine hats such as classic panama hats, fedora's top hats & trilbys. A ridged hat band made from a cotton/rayon mix
Homburg: Soft felt hat with a rolled brim and binding around the edge. Centre creased crown, worn by British Prime Minister Anthony Eden.
Hood: Cone shaped section of material used to make hats in felt and straw.
Hat Band: Internal piece of material, usually cotton or leather. Used to add comfort and absorb moisture inside the hat at the base of the crown.
Herringbone: Featured on many caps, a zig zag pattern consisting of two or more colours in narrow or wide widths. Classic pattern.