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How to care for your hat

Hat Care

Below you will find our advice on how to clean and protect your hat and hopefully prolong its life. We have used many methods over the years for hat mishaps, please do contact us if you are concerned or have any questions that are not answered below. Please remember always test the methods below on an inconspicuous part of your hat or cap.
Cleaning Your Hat

General cleaning of your hat for minor marks and stains is most commonly done with a soft bristled hat brush, be sure to use a hat brush as a regular brush would have firm bristles which would quite likely cause damage to the felt of your hat. Brush your hat counter clockwise and ensure you are brushing in the same direction as the felt, apply a little pressure and this will help to remove any dust and light markings. As an alternative to brushing you can damp a cloth a lightly rub the problem area and allow to dry naturally, never use a hairdryer!!

Straw Hat Care

The way in which you handle your straw hat is incredibly important, avoid handling your hat by pinching the crown at all costs, not only will this nip the crown and most likely lead to cracking but our hands and fingers contain many natural oils which over time could cause the straw to dry out and become brittle leading to the dreaded cracking. You of course need to touch your hat to be able to wear it, the best place to handle your hat is by its brim. The brim of hat is much easier to clean and is is a lot less fragile than the crown of the hat.

When you are not wearing your hat most people simply lay it on a flat surface, as with any hat this can upset the structure of the brim as many hats have a pre-shaped brim with the front usually angled downwards, so if you do lay your hat on a table its always best to let the front overhang a little to stop it from laying flat. During the winter except holidays you will most likely want to store your hat and where possible a hat box is perfect as you will need to protect it from dust whilst trying to preserve its shape. Ideally you should stuff the inside of the crown with tissue so the hat won't be resting flat on its brim and then pop inside your hat box

Felt Hat Care

A good proportion of felt hats made from both wool and fur felts are now treated during the manufacturing process to offer some water & stain resistance, we try to include this in our product descriptions where possible. Please be aware this is not the case for every hat so if you are concerned please don't hesitate to contact us prior to wearing/purchasing or treating your hat. You can apply your own waterproofing spray but please be sure to try this on a inconspicuous area of your hat in case it causes any discolouration. Even with waterproofing your hat is still not going to protect you in a heavy downpour and although getting your hat this wet isn't ideal, however if left to dry naturally it should be as good as new. Never use a hair-dryer or a radiator to help dry your hat out or store a hat whilst wet it will go mouldy!

Handling & Reshaping Your Hat

Correct handling and care of your hat will certainly help prolong its life. When handling your hat obviously the cleaner your hands are the better, however our hands do produce natural oils which will transfer to your hat so as with straw hats try to pick your hat up by the brim preferably underneath where possible.

When it comes to laying your hat down always try to avoid laying it flat, if you are resting it on a table try to let the front part of the brim hang over the edge of a table this will stop the brim popping/rolling upwards. If this has happened or your hat has become misshapen in some way you can try to reshape it with a little steam from a kettle. Be careful to not hold the hat too close to the steam as not only will there be too much heat but you could risk burning your hands. Hold the hat in the area you would like to reshape for a few seconds and then reshape with your hands and leave to dry naturally. You can also use this method to remove some minor stains, let the steam slightly dampen the effected area and then using a cloth or if you have a more stubborn stain a hat brush to gently remove any dirt. If all of those methods have failed to rejuvenate your hat you may need to locate a professional hat restorer?