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A fantastic selection of flat caps in a huge variety of materials, colour and style. Everything from the traditional flat cap to the eight piece newsboy cap & hugely popular duckbill cap. Something for everyone.
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Olney Bond Oversized Tweed Flat Cap Stetson Burney Leather Newsboy Cap - Leather Newsboy Cap Stetson Hatteras Cotton Newsboy Cap - Newsboy Caps Stetson Hatteras Waxed Cotton Newsboy Cap
Stetson Hatteras Newsboy Cap - Newsboy Caps Stetson Hatteras Distressed Leather Newsboy Cap - Dark Brown Stetson Hatteras Leather Goatskin Newsboy Cap Stetson Level Duckbill Cap - Duckbill Flat Cap
Stetson McCook Leather Newsboy Cap Stetson Brooklin Cotton Canvas Newsboy Cap - Newsboy Caps Stetson Manatee Goatskin Leather Duckbill Cap Stetson Paradise Cotton Flat Cap - Beige
Stetson Lanesboro Distressed Leather Newsboy Cap Stetson Hatteras Herringbone Newsboy Cap - Newsboy Caps Stetson Muskagon Duckbill Flat Cap Stetson Texas Olive Wax Duckbill Cap

Flat Caps at Burnham Hats

Many names are often used to describe the classic flat cap such as the ivy cap, cheese cutter cap, cloth cap driving cap, golfer cap to name a few. The cap was predominately worn in England and Southern Italy after emerging as early as the 14th century. It eventually was introduced by the English in the U.S in the late 1890's and its popularity grew in the 20th century.

The traditional flat cap is predominately still associated with the older country gent, but many hat manufacturers have produced variations on the classic flat cap to appeal to a wider audience. The introduction of the duckbill cap has been a real hit with the younger generations, a narrow but deep fitting cap which is seen replicated throughout many UK fashion chain stores. The newsboy another wonderful cap is made of eight panels and gives a much rounder/full look to the cap, often seen on the head of David Beckham. The flat cap has surged in recent years, this is thanks to the great variations available and the celebrities such as David Beckham, Justin Timberlake & Brad Pitt being snapped with a flat cap on.

We are quite possibly the largest retailer of flat caps in the UK and certainly the biggest stockist of Stetson caps. The most common material we stock is tweed/wool, we do of course stock an abundance of tweed caps made here in the UK by companies such as Olney Headwear, a classic British hat company. The classic country tweed cap is still very sought after. Another popular wool cap and an alternative to the classic tweed is the herringbone pattern. Stetson excel in this pattern with both fine and chunky herringbone patterns throughout their range. Leather is a must have in our range, each season different leathers are introduced. We stock cowhide, goatskin, pigskin, lambskin, bison & suede. Leather flat caps can be in a smooth napped finish or in a distressed/used look. Of course many of the above materials are not suitable for wear in the heat of the summer, we always carry a huge selection of cotton caps all year round, available in all sizes/shapes & variations. Linen and silk are also popular alternatives for the summer, very lightweight materials to wear in the heat of summer with the added bonus of sun protection.

We hope you find your perfect cap in our range, any questions we are always happy to help!