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The History of Hat Brands

Hat Brands

Looking for more information on the brands stocked here at Burnham Hats. Well in this section you will find articles that contain information about some of the leading hat companies along with video's & detailed information on the history of some of the greatest hat companies in the world today
This legendary headwear brand was founded in 1865 by John B Stetson. An American brand built with the foundations of offering the highest quality headwear. Now split into two licences the US John B Stetson Brand and the European FWS Owned brand.
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Founded in Toronto, Canada by Alex Tilley in 1984 Tilley Hats are often quoted as being one of the greatest hats in the world, here we will show you the benefits of owning one of these wonderful hats.
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Established in 1910 by Albert E Olney, this classic British headwear brand is based in Luton. Experts in manufacturing tweed caps, fur felt fedoras & ladies wax hats. High quality craftsmanship combined with classic British country styling.
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